Volunteer Makers Challenge Bank: Ideas and Inspiration from our Volunteer Makers Community!

Remember you are growing your own unique community of Blended Volunteers, so make sure that all challenges you create inspire your specific audience, reflecting your organisation’s vision and objectives.  The purpose of our challenge bank is for you to be inspired to create your own unique challenges.

With Credit to: Wardown Park: Museum Makers; TWAM; Corinium Museum; Stevenage Museum; Chelmsford Museum.

Just a Minute Challenges

– Sign up as a Volunteer

Registering as a Volunteer for TWAM couldn’t be simpler. Be sure to fill in your skills and interests, so we can customise challenges just for you!

– Visit our website

Have a look at our website to find out much more about Corinium Museum and our vibrant programme of exhibitions and events. Tell us if there is any information missing from the website.

– Explore our Collection Online

Collections Dive is our digital discovery engine, designed to give you access to a huge number of objects from TWAM’s collections and help you easily discover intriguing material. Use Collections Dive to scroll through our massive collection, find something fascinating and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email to a friend.

– Post a photo

Make a visit, take a photo, upload it onto your favourite social media site – done!

– Follow us on Twitter

Follow your favourite TWAM museum or gallery on Twitter to get your daily culture fix. You can do this as often as you like, accepting the challenge tells us that you are doing it!

– Tweet a photo

If you’re in need of inspiration, why not come along to one of our great events listed below and tweet a photo of your experience?

– Tweet using our dedicated hashtag

We know you love being a Museum Maker, so why not shout about it! Let all your friends know about the revolutionary new project you’re a part of. Create your own blurb, encourage others to join in the conversation and send #museummakers out into the twittersphere.

– Like our Facebook page

We want to know just how much you like us, why not show us by visiting our Facebook page and letting us know. There’s always something going on there, whether a discussion about the museum, a weekly competition or what you had for breakfast, we want to share it with you.

– Help us to get 1500 likes on Facebook

We want to know just how much you like us, and we also want to know how much everyone else likes us. Our aim is to get 1500 likes on our Facebook page as quickly as possible. Help us to spread the word about the project by sharing it with your Family, Friends and followers.

– Follow us on Instagram

We want to share our Museum Makers moments on Instagram and we also want you to share your Museum Maker journey with us. Whether you’re attending an event or inspired by something you’ve seen elsewhere. Tag us or use our dedicated hashtag #museummakers and get posting away.

– Follow us on Pinterest

Follow us on Pinterest and help us find cool stuff to add to our wall. You never know one of the ideas you find might end up in the museum one day! It’s like creating a visual representation of your ideas for our galleries, exhibitions and events.

– Tell a Friend

They say that word of mouth is the best way of spreading a cause – get others involved in saving the museum. Let them know what’s happening and what you’ve done.

Step 1: choose a friend you want to share the campaign with
Step 2: call or meet-up or accidentally bump in to your chosen friend
Step 3: Tell them about our efforts to maintain our wonderful museum and to get themselves involved by signing up online. Remember they can all help no matter if they only have an hour or two or just a minute.

– Tag Volunteer Makers on your Travels

Going abroad? Staying in the UK? Visiting another museum? Wherever you’re off to, we want to be a part of it, tag us via our social networks and tell us what you’re up to, you can even wear your Museum Makers tee-shirt or lanyard. Let’s shout about Museum Makers.

– Photobomb in your Museum Makers T-shirt

Tell the world on social media about our fantastic Museum Makers project by photobombing wearing your Museum Makers t-shirt in any location you can. Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it and make sure you tag us, let’s go viral!

– Tag your favourite item at the museum

We want to know what your favourite item is in our galleries, we even want to know what your least favourite item is. Why not show us by making the most of your smart phone, take a quick snap and tag us online on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

– Take a Selfie with Boris

Make a visit to Chelmsford Museum, take a selfie with Boris the Bear, upload it onto your favourite social media site using the hashtag #LoveChelmsfordBoris – done!

– Send us your #Throwback Thursday ideas

With your help, our curators are compiling a unique collection of historic facts, fantastic pictures and favourite personal memories about Chelmsford. These could be used for special online exhibitions or for our social media output on #Throwback Thursday.

– Snap a bee

Keep your eyes peeled for bees in the local area, they might be collecting pollen for the Chelmsford Museum hive. Take a picture. Put it on our Facebook. Tell us where you saw it.

– Fact of the Day

Take part in this crowd-sourced research project for our ‘This Day in History’ calendar!

– Watch a Museum Video on YouTube

Take a look at some of the fantastic videos we have posted on our YouTube channel. Videos include animations created by laser scanning objects from the Corinium Museum collections to generate 3D models. Why not subscribe to the Corinium Museum channel so that you don’t miss out on our next video.

– Share a Suggestion

Have a constructive suggestion, a bright idea or bit of feedback for improving TWAM? Big or small, we’d love to hear from you. Click our Contact tab and leave your suggestion. We’ll read it and make sure it’s circulated to the appropriate venue or team.

– Review the Museum

Go from visitor to Volunteer for TWAM by sharing a written review of your visit on TripAdvisor. This is a great way to volunteer from the comfort of your own home and really goes a long way in helping new visitors find their way to our museums and galleries.

Go to www.tripadvisor.co.uk and write a review (if you need some ideas for what to write about, why not scroll through some of our upcoming events listed below?).

Send a link to your review to volunteering@twmuseums.org.uk, so we can verify that you’ve completed this challenge.

– Fundraise for us

As part of the £3.5 million Wardown Park Museum redevelopment project we have a public fundraising target of £35,000. Public support for this project is vital and we still need to raise some additional funds to ensure we can create an exciting and improved museum for our visitors.

Your challenge is to fill one of our home donation collection boxes with your loose change and help to raise money for the redevelopment project. Your small change can make a big difference.

– Tell Us a Little About You

In order for us to better understand who our Museum Makers are, and the ways they would like to get involved, we would like to know a little bit more about you. Click here to complete a quick survey.

– Charter Fair Videos

For the Charter Fair exhibition, the museum needs to select some footage to feature in the exhibition. Can you look through the following and let us know what is your favourite?
Feel free to look elsewhere on the internet YouTube etc. for any good fairground footage – it doesn’t have to be Stevenage.

– Help us come up with new challenges

Volunteer Makers is all about you helping us deliver the diverse and inspirational museum service you want to see in Chelmsford. You can help us build this community by telling us what challenges you want to see. We’d love to hear your suggestions for challenges which could include:

Things you think your museum should be doing (this could include projects and events that you’d love to see)
What skills and experiences are you hoping to build for your C.V. What cultural events and activities do you think Chelmsford is currently lacking.

Hour or Two Challenges

– Visit the Museum
Take the opportunity to visit Wardown House, Museum and Gallery. Officially reopened in April 2017 after closing its doors for a year-long redevelopment, Wardown House has undergone a magnificent transformation. There’s lots to explore and discover for all the family, from curiosities in The Library, to our interactive Billiards table and of course the famous Lace Lady. Be sure to stop off in The Dining Room where you can enjoy delicious refreshments and pick up a unique gift as a memento of your visit. Visit the museum daily (open 10am – 5pm), free of charge!
We look forward to welcoming you to the museum.

– Be a Volunteer Ambassador

Many visitors think they can’t be Volunteers for TWAM because they don’t have enough time to help out on a regular basis. With challenges to suit every schedule, we’re encouraging all of our visitors to become volunteers.

We’re looking for enthusiastic Volunteer Ambassadors to help us spread the word, show visitors how to sign up, and get them started on their first challenge! You’ll have the opportunity to take part in this challenge at any of our nine venues.

Chat with visitors to encourage them to become Volunteers for TWAM. Guide them through the sign-up process, using our tablets. Get them started a simple micro-volunteering task – by the time they leave, they’ll have completed their first challenge!

– Donate your junk!

Play + Invent is a new programme at Discovery Museum encouraging children and young people to tinker, experiment, design, and build their own inventions. We aim to use as much recycled and upcycled material as possible for the programme, as part of our green initiative, and to encourage a new generation of engineers to think about their materials in a sustainable way.

We are looking for donations of the following items:
Recycled items
Egg crate (clean)
Bottle caps (washed out thoroughly)
Cardboard tubes of all sizes (except toilet roll tubes)
Plastic tubes/hoses

– Log a wildlife sighting

Record wildlife sightings while out and about in the region by logging your sightings on the ERIC North East Portal. Your sightings will be added to our central database and used by a variety of ecological and conservation organisations.

– Make a Halloween mouse

Our popular Hide and Squeak trail is getting a makeover for Halloween and we need creative crafty Museum Makers to make a brand new set of mice. The Hide and Squeak trail is a popular trail for visitors to the museum, with the mice regularly moving around the museum for children to seek out and find.

– Don’t be (coconut) shy!

Our upcoming summer exhibition for the Charter Fair requires some knitted coconuts for our very own coconut shy that will be in the exhibition. Simply knit a fabulous coconut for our upcoming exhibition! (Crochet is okay too!!)

– Create a Pinterest Board for All Your Ideas for the Museum

What would you put in your ideal exhibition? Hats? Toys? Luton life? Build your dream museum exhibition on Pinterest and then share it with Museum Makers Pinterest account. We can follow you and be inspired by all your ideas!

– Take a Virtual Tour

Explore the Museum’s galleries and see iconic objects, no matter where you are, with Google Street View. The Corinium Museum is working with Google to help more people from all over the world to access our collection.

– View Interactive 3D Models

We have created interactive 3D models of three objects from the Corinium Museum collections. The 3D scans are made up of hundreds of thousands of pictures of an object that are then stitched together into a 360-view. View the interactive model by clicking on the image and rotate the object.

– Adopt an Object

Adopt an object from Corinium Museum! Help us raise £14,000 to support “Stone Age to Corinium” an exciting project to create new Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Early Roman Galleries, as well as an inspiring garden space and a dedicated “hands-on” Discovery Centre. Sponsorship ranges from £10 to £1,000 for some of the most significant objects in our collection.

– Write a Blog

Would you like to share information about our collections with our online audiences? Do you have a favourite object that you want to shout about? We are looking for people who would like to share their love of Corinium Museum’s collections through creative writing and a little bit of research. What is the object and how was it used? Why have you chosen the object and what do you think it means to people visiting the museum today?

– What’s On Distribution

We are looking for volunteers to help us deliver our new What’s On programme to local shops and cafes.
Our April – September 2017 What’s On programme is soon to be printed and we need your help to distribute them across town. The programme is packed full of fun family events, evening lectures, exhibitions and films.
You can help us by delivering as many as you can whether it’s giving one to a friend, taking some to your local book group or taking them to each café in town, we are grateful for your support.

– Tell us about Stevenage!

We are always keen to expand our exhibitions and knowledge about Stevenage’s past. If you have found out something interesting about Stevenage’s history – be it the history of an old building, about important people who visited here, historic events – anything you know about that may be of relevance to the museum is great.
If you think you have found something of historical worth then we would love for you to write us a small piece with all of the information you have, and any sources you may have used. We may then ask you to write more in the form of a blog post for our website, or we may include your information in exhibits or do further research ourselves.

– Talking about Talking New Towns

Talking New Towns was an oral history project that was run over the last couple of years. We would like to post some of the best quotes from the website onto our Facebook and Twitter – your challenge is to find your favourite quotes and write a tweet or Facebook post about it! (don’t forget about the wordcount on Twitter!).
Go on to talkingnewtowns.org.uk and have a look for your favourite oral history quotes from the Stevenage section.

– Nominate a Local Hero

We want to know who you think should be celebrated as a local hero. It could be a relative with a heroic past or a sports coach who continues to make heroic contributions to this city.
Send in your nominations and we will showcase a selection in a new regular blog called Local Heroes, that will launch on our new website later in 2017!

Join our Focus Group

We will be conducting an initial focus group at each of the museums this summer (2017) with residents of the districts of Chelmsford who identify themselves as being of Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background.

Give a Day

– Evaluation / Designer
We are looking for a Museum Maker with design experience in graphic design and/or have used infographics before and could help with the design and layout of the Wardown House evaluation report. All the findings from the evaluation of the Wardown redevelopment will be combined into a short report to tell the story of the project for funders, other stakeholders and other museums. We are planning to produce a report that is highly visual and illustrates the evaluation findings using photography, text and infographics. The report will be available primarily on-line although there may be some printed copies produced.

– Shipley Lates: Let’s play with clay!

This year the Shipley Lates theme is CLAY! People will have a go at a range or ceramic techniques supported from Artists from Bensham grove pottery and Muddy Fingers pottery. There will also be a DJ playing music throughout the evening and food and drink from Kushi 94, The Nest and Arch 16 café.
We would ideally like 4 volunteers to assist us with this. Hope you can help.

– Trial a Trail

Can you help us trial a new gallery trail for museum families and schools? We would like to test our trails before they go to design stage to see how interactive and user friendly they are. Are you up for the challenge?

– Then and Now

We want a series of pictures on social media showing how the old town has changed through the years – we have a collection of photographs that we would like to see how they have changed! Are you a great photographer – we’d like you to take some fabulous photos to showcase how the town has developed!
Simply take pictures of the locations in the old photographs of Stevenage – you will need to come to the museum to copy the original image.

– Restore the donations box!

Help to restore the donations box by replacing the perspex panels and repainting!

Come down to the museum to take measurements of the donations box so that you can create the right size perspex panels. You can also assess what needs to be done to the donations box to make it look brand new! The box will also need a fresh coat of paint, so you’ll need to decide on the colours and get painting!
Regular Help

– Friends of Discovery Museum, Machine Maintainers

Friends of Discovery Museum (FODM’S) are a group of retired professional engineers who look after many of the exhibits in the museum in terms of repair, cleaning and refurbishment, as well as suggestions for new exhibits and engaging with visitors about the exhibits.
We normally meet on a Tuesday at the museum. Please click here for more information about FODMS.

– Exhibition Invigilator and Greeter

This is a major new exhibition currently being developed for Discovery Museum’s summer programme, celebrating All the Fun of the Fair. This vibrant exhibition, jam packed with hands-on exhibits, lots of nostalgic photos, video footage, personal memories and much, much more, will chart the thrills and spills of Newcastle’s Hoppings funfair, from its origins in the Victorian temperance movement to the adrenaline seeking experience of today. We’d be delighted to welcome enthusiastic, approachable volunteers to help out in the exhibition, which runs from 3 June until about September 2017.

– Play + Invent Space assistant

We are looking for a team of committed volunteers to assist in the maintenance and development of our dedicated PLAY+INVENT inventor space. The role is flexible, but ideally we would want a team (2 volunteers at a time) to be working in the space 2-3 times a week (weekdays only), schedule to be agreed.

– Bug Busters – Cleaning team

We are looking for a small team of Museum Makers to join our new specialist cleaning team, The Bug Busters. We need Museum Makers to help us look after and care for our collections at both Wardown House and Stockwood Discovery Centre.

– Collections Helper

We require Museum Makers to work through the archaeology items in our database, giving each one a standard classification. You will be using the FISH (Forum on Information Standards in Heritage) Archaeological Objects Thesaurus. The work will need to be completed at Wardown House, Museum and Gallery. This is a long-term project, so we are looking for Museum Makers who are prepared to work on a regular basis. The amount of time you can commit will be mutually agreed upon. We are looking for Museum Makers with a knowledge and or interest in archaeology. We do not have an archaeologist at the museum, so we need someone who can accurately classify our objects without too much help from us. We need someone with basic computer skills but we will provide training, so do not worry if you do not have much experience of using computer databases.

– Hat Mount Makers

We are looking to create a small team of Museum Makers who can help us to make hat mounts for our hat collection. You will receive training in how to make a hat mounts. Hat mounts help to support a hat and its shape, and are used for both hats in storage and those on display.

As a Museum Maker Hatter, you will be required to cut and sew. No previous skills are required as training will be provided, but if you do have sewing skills we would love to hear from you.

– Carriage Cleaning Team

We are looking for a small team of Museum Makers to join our new specialist conversation and cleaning team, The Wheelies. The role involves cleaning our carriages on the ground floor level at Stockwood Discovery Centre to conservation standards. Training will be provided on each carriage, each with their own individual cleaning requirements and plan.

As a member of The Wheelies, you will learn how to care for and delicately clean carriages using standard conservation equipment and materials. You will learn why we clean carriages the way we do and why it benefits our collection.

– Museum Team helper

We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic Museum Makers to join Team Wardown. As a member of Team Wardown you will support and work alongside our Wardown House visitor service team, offering exceptional customer service to our visitors. Your tasks will include greeting visitors, patrolling gallery spaces and interacting with visitors, offering information about the museum, its layout and collections. Full training will be provided.
This is a pilot challenge and we are initially looking for Museum Makers to help us over a two-week period.

– Gallery Steward

We’re looking for volunteers who will be based in the galleries to help visitors with finding their way about the building and assisting them with any enquiries they might have.

We are not just seeking people with lots of historical knowledge but individuals who like working with the public, including children, and wish to help the museum staff make their visitors feel welcome.

If a volunteer has a subject interest, or wishes to develop one, the Museum staff will assist with this wherever possible.

– Object Handling Table

The Object Handling Table is run throughout the school holidays. The handling table is always incredibly popular with the public who love to get ‘hands on’ with the museum artefacts.

As a volunteer you will receive training in artefact handling and your role help us provide a fun learning environment for our visitors.

Work as a team challenges

– Family Photographers

It’s nearly February half-term and there’s loads to see and do with your family at our museums and galleries.
Make a visit, then share your best photos on Twitter or Facebook (don’t forget to tag the museum/gallery you visited and include #volunteerforTWAM) with a little description of what you enjoyed about your experience.
If you’re in need of a little inspiration, have a look at these fantastic family events:…

– Group visit

Take the opportunity to visit Wardown House, Museum and Gallery.

Officially reopened in April 2017 after closing its doors for a year-long redevelopment, Wardown House has undergone a magnificent transformation. There’s lot to explore and discover for all the family, from curiosities in The Library, to our interactive Billiards table and of course the famous Lace Lady. Be sure to stop off in The Dining Room where you can enjoy delicious refreshments and pick up a unique gift as a memento of your visit.
Visit the museum daily (open 10am – 5pm), free of charge!

– Work Experience

March 2018 1 week Work Experience

Our work experience weeks are aimed solely at school age young people who are required to find work experience during their academic year.

Over the space of a working week (5 days Mon – Fri) you will be placed with a host who are able to tell you about their departments role in the organisation and the work that it does. You will be able to work alongside Museum Professionals, discover what they do on a day to day basis as well as planning for TWAMs future projects, programmes and events.


– Support the Museum by signing up as a local business

We are asking local businesses, groups and organisations to sign up to show that they support the Museum Maker’s project. Your voice really matters to us, and by standing alongside us in our efforts to create a sustainable Wardown we become one step closer to this goal. There are many other ways that you can support us:

Supporting at events
Using your business knowledge to help us
Attending our Museum Maker’s forums
Visiting the museum as a group
Running an event together
and many many more…
So go ahead and sign up now, and in return we will include your logo on our website under ‘Our Supporters’

– Sign up as a School

Schools can become Museum Makers to, so sign up today. In return for supporting the museum we will keep you posted on existing opportunities and developments as the project progresses. We will also display your school logo on our website.

We are asking local schools to sign up and show their support for Luton’s museums and the Museum Makers project. Your school can help us develop the museums especially Wardown Park Museum as we are currently working on its redevelopment. Input from the local community is really important and we want to hear from everyone. There are lots of ways to get involved as a Museum Maker:

Visiting the museum as a class or whole school
Inform the shape of our schools offer to keep it relevant and fresh
Supporting the development of new sessions by being a pilot school
Taking part in educational sessions at the museum
Attending our Schools Museum Maker forum

– Support the Museum by signing up as a group

We are asking local businesses, groups and organisations to sign up to show that they support the Museum Maker’s project. Your voice really matters to us, and by standing alongside us in our efforts to create a sustainable Wardown we become one step closer to this goal. There are many other ways that you can support us:

Supporting at events
Using your knowledge to help us
Attending our Museum Maker’s forums
Visiting the museum as a group
Running an event together

– Become a Corporate Member

The Corinium Museum welcomes over 50,000 visitors through its doors every year and delivers a vibrant programme of exhibitions, talks, children’s workshops, school sessions, family activities and cinema screenings.
The Corinium Museum’s Stone Age to Corinium project and diverse programme of events offer unique partnership opportunities for your company. Choose the perfect membership type:..