What is

Volunteer Makers?


[row]3532598208_29c2140acb_z[list_vertical_line][item_vertical_line title=”A new model for volunteering”]Supported by digital technology, Volunteer
Makers is a strategy to help engage, manage and grow your volunteer base to increase the support you get from your volunteers and their engagement with your organisation. [/item_vertical_line]
title=”VM Challenge Database”]Volunteer Makers is supported by a challenge database, automatically matching volunteer opportunities with skills, allowing volunteers to fit their capacity to your needs. The system works closely with social platforms to actively increase engagement and interactions. [/item_vertical_line][item_vertical_line title=”Transformational”]The Volunteer Makers approach can enhance the experience of volunteering, and it has proven highly effective – even transformational – for organisations using it[/item_vertical_line] [/list_vertical_line]



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