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Doing good. Together.

A volunteer revolution is making the extraordinary happen – and Volunteer Makers can help put you at the heart of it.

Volunteer Makers is a new model to help organisations manage, grow and engage a community of volunteers while widening public participation and diversity.

Volunteer Makers addresses fundamental shifts in demographics, funding models and digital platforms to meet the challenges and opportunities of this new era of volunteering.

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Volunteer Makers training

We deliver training on the Volunteer Makers model to help your organisation take advantage of the opportunities in volunteering in the digital age.

Currently we are offering free training workshops to 30 museums as part of our National Volunteer Makers Training Programme, supported by Arts Council England

  • Create a digital volunteering strategy

    We work with you to develop new digital approaches that can transform the impact of volunteering on your organisation

  • Reach new audiences

    The Volunteer Makers model has proven effective in reaching a new, more diverse and more engaged volunteer base

  • Understand the changing volunteer landscape

    Changing demographics and the funding landscape make it more important – and more effective – than ever to build volunteer engagement into your sustainable model

Volunteer Makers Platform

Our digital platform was designed to support the Volunteer Makers approach to engaging, managing and growing your volunteer community. The platform allows you to:

  • Match the skills and interests of your volunteers to opportunities to maximise their impact
  • Increase the flexibility of the volunteering offer to attract new and more diverse supporters
  • Measure in detail the impact of volunteering on your organisation
  • Manage volunteer activity through interactive tools
  • Reward and recognise volunteers
  • Help your supporters take ownership of their volunteering and bring their own ideas to the table
  • Promote and market your volunteering via digital platforms

What you are saying about the Volunteer Makers model

Lydia Cracknell

“It was extremely useful to put together this plan and we are already recruiting and engaging with volunteers according to our new plan.”

Lydia CracknellRoyal College of Music
William Goodchild

“It was such a useful and helpful session, and many things were clarified in my own mind. Amazing to see how unified we all were on vision etc. too! Your programme offers such a great opportunity to think about and soon to implement and develop.”

William GoodchildBristol Symphony Orchestra
Frome Museum

“Thanking you for your fascinating workshop on Monday – we have been giving it considerable thought. As you say, as a volunteer-led and run Museum how we will use the Volunteer Makers Model needs some thought. One thing is certain in that we need to grow our volunteering base and stimulate interest in the Museum and visitor numbers. The notion of giving a minute of your time might be a good one to start on.”

Frome Museum
Chippenham Museum

“We have always valued the support and advice that we have had from you. We are also very aware that our volunteers are the heart of the museum and that their success, as recognised by the shortlisting in the Museums and Heritage Awards, is very well deserved.”

Chippenham Museum

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