The Volunteer Makers Platform

Harness the power of your community with Volunteer Makers

Volunteer Makers is a transformational platform that helps organisations in the voluntary sector manage, grow and engage their volunteer community.

It allows you to match the needs of your organisation to the skills and interests of your supporters, letting people support you in a way that that suits them and directly helps you. It has helped organisations substantially grow their supporter base and diversify their volunteer workforce.

Volunteer Makers comes with a challenge database, social media integration tools, skills matching, communications tools, events managements and powerful reporting tools to allow you to measure the financial impact of volunteering to the criteria of major funding bodies.

The platform is available either under a low monthly subscription, or for a lifetime licence.

Monthly Licence


  • Volunteer Makers platform and microsite with your organisation’s branding
  • Skills and interests management
  • Challenge database and challenge management
  • Full integration with e-marketing platforms (Mailchimp)
  • Event Management
  • Take donations
  • Blog
  • Detailed reporting on volunteers activity
  • Social sharing
  • Detailed financial impact reporting
  • Support and training material


Volunteer Makers Digital Platform Costs

The Volunteer Makers Digital Platform is a powerful tool for managing your volunteering – blending micro-volunteering with digital engagement and volunteer support.

The platform can be included as part of your training programme, with a small monthly fee based on the impact the platform is having on your organisation through volunteer numbers.

Fees apply only when organisations have over average numbers of volunteers engaging

0-74 volunteers Free
75 to 150 £7.50
151 – 300 £12.00
301 – 500 £15
501 to 1000 £22
1001 to 2000 £30
2001-4000 £45
4001 to 6000 £75


Support your platform with our dedicated training workshops

4-Hour Workshop

Organisation-wide workshop for developing a blended volunteering strategy with free use of Volunteer Makers for 6 months.

You will take away:

  • An understanding of what 21st century volunteering is and why a new approach is needed
  • How you can engage a wider group of volunteers
  • What Volunteer Makers’ model of engagement is, how you can blend volunteering with public participation and the power of micro-volunteering
  • Next steps – the step-change you need to make as an organisation
  • Create an organisation-wide plan
  • Begin to set-up your Volunteer Makers platform

COST: £900

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