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Inspiring Volunteering

Inspiring Volunteering

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Valuing Volunteers is Volunteer Makers

Volunteer Makers was created for those organisations who want to build an authentic volunteer community. Volunteering is much more than a post advert or application form.

More than ever organisations and communities know they need to value their volunteers, to sustain and grow, we can show you how!

Pioneering Volunteer Makers – 21st Century Volunteering

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Find out more about our ACE supported programme from those involved, and how we can work with you too.

Try Volunteer Makers Now

Volunteer Makers provides training and consultancy in volunteering strategy along with digital tools.  Our workshops and consultancy have helped organisations to grow larger pools of supporters linking to increased volunteering and volunteer sign-ups.

We can devise and deliver a training programme for your network or organisation. Our training ranges from workshops for individual organisations to national sector-based training programmes.

The Digital Platform

The Volunteer Makers’ web platform is a powerful tool for managing your volunteering – blending micro-volunteering with digital engagement and volunteer support.

Our platform has valuable functionality – it allows you to match the needs of your organisation to the skills and interests of your supporters, letting people support you in a way that that suits them and directly helps you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Volunteer Makers including:

  • Who is it suitable for?
  • How does it work with your existing volunteers?
  • Why should you use it?

It Began With Our Volunteer Makers Pioneers

Since 2013 we worked with 100s of  museums across England, delivering Volunteer Makers training and the Volunteer Makers tech.

A national programme, supported by Arts Council England, helped our pioneer museum partners deliver measurable improvements in volunteer engagement and opened up opportunities for new volunteers.  The learning from our programme fed back to our R&D and evolved the tech.


What you are saying about the Volunteer Makers model

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I would just like to thank you for delivering our wonderful training and for taking the time to travel down to Portsmouth and inspire us with Volunteer Makers.

Thanks again for your training and support- we are all excited about the future of volunteering and the new direction we will soon be travelling in.

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“We know that people still want to give their time to volunteer, but also that that time needs to give something back. Museums need to offer more than just operations or events. They need to offer support, interaction and sustainability across the range of their activities.

“Volunteer Makers offers an intelligent answer to this problem. The app in particular not only makes it easier for people to find out how they can help, but addresses their interests or availability so that everybody wins. It’s volunteering for the modern world. And it’s going to have massive benefits in communities across the country.”

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Everyone was buzzing and excited after the session, and I can honestly say I have never had such heartfelt positive feedback about a change of system before!

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“Introducing Volunteer Makers has seen a wider demographic of people sign up with interest to volunteer with the museum.  Age ranges have become much more balanced across the board. Interest from non-visiting community groups has doubled which is amazing!  We are excited to continue to harness the power of this digital technology, to continue to offer a broad range of opportunities and better reflect the diverse community in Hackney”

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