Volunteer Makers Training

Volunteer Makers – use the technology for free and join our pioneering programme, if you sign up for our training workshops.

Volunteer Makers is currently working with over 60 organisations UK wide, including Councils. If you are interested in trying Volunteer Makers we can provide the technology platform for 6 months with free digital support if you book a 4-hour training course before the end of February.  The training is a way of understanding the thinking behind creating a value exchange with your community of volunteers.  It is also a chance to get hands-on with the technology.  The training course is £600 + vat for the following:

You will take away:

  • An understanding of 21st century volunteering
  • What Volunteer Makers is, what blended and micro-volunteering is and how this can support your organisation
  • How you can engage a wider group of volunteers for your organisation
  • Create an organisation-wide plan for implementing Volunteer Makers
  • Next steps – the step-change you need to make as a project team
  • Begin to set-up your Volunteer Makers platform to deliver your project aims

Volunteer Makers agree to:

  • Be available for phone support and advice for the duration of your free 6 months
  • Provide training on how to use the Volunteer Makers technology
  • Upload your branding, following permission, to personalise the technology for your organisation
  • Seek approval from your organisation before publishing information about its activities or participants generated via the Volunteer Makers technology platform and training

    Here is a recent testimonial for our Volunteer Makers training:

    “The training was really useful in bringing together the partners and giving us the time and space to reflect on where we all are with volunteering in our various organisations and how we can move forward.
    “For me personally it showed me how the platform can work really well to provide a framework for what is quite a complicated project with a lot of partners.”
    Museum Project Officer at Essex Council,  Pippa Smith

Costs for using Volunteer Makers can be found in our FAQ no 3.

If you want to join our Volunteer Makers Pioneering Programme, get in touch.

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